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Welcome Back!

I hope your summer was as nice as Trinket’s and Nelson’s!

What is a “workshop” classroom?

In a nutshell, a workshop classroom is an individualized approach to teaching and learning. While there are still daily whole-class lessons, much of the instruction is delivered in individual conferences and small groups.  You will spend most of the time in class doing the actual work of literacy – talking, reading, writing, and studying language. You will have to make many decisions for yourself in a workshop class. You are given individual responsibility over choosing your reading books and making writing decisions. This makes for a rigorous classroom where you will truly have an active role in your own education.

It is important for you to know that the most important thing you can bring to class is not a reading level or test score; it is a willingness to work and learn. There are no passengers in a workshop classroom!

How is the class graded?

40% – Writing

40% – Reading

20% – Habits / Effort

Being prepared for class:

You need to bring your independent reading book with you every day. Here’s what I’m reading right now:

You will need two composition notebooks: one for reading and one for writing. Here are mine:

You will also need two folders. These will stay in the room and hold important writing and reading artifacts.

Don’t forget the Team Endeavor expectations…

  • Have a Voice!
  • Be Involved!
  • Take Responsibility!
  • Pursue It… Own It!

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