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Making Time to Write

Last summer, I made a weak commitment to write more.  I know what you’re thinking – “weak commitment” sounds like a contradiction. You’re right, and as I learned, a weak commitment is no commitment at all. Last June, I simply thought to myself, “I’m going to write more. I’m going to finish that short story idea I started and maybe try to get something published…” The problem was that it basically ended there. I actually did do some writing – some. But it’s not that easy. Writing is, like a lot if activities, something that needs to be done regularly to be done well.

I make time for lots of things in my life – family, friends, reading, drumming… If it’s important, there will be time for it in your day. I need to elevate writing into that select group – and I will.

So, here’s the deal. Starting June 23rd, I will write every day. “Nulla dies sine linea.” That’s my new plan. That’s my new mantra. That’s my new commitment.

How will this plan get carried out? I look at my typical summer day, and it can actually get quite busy. I think, however, that my mornings are often wasted. I tend to drink a few cups of coffee, check e-mail, hit facebook, browse around the internet, read the paper. My new summer morning routine will be: Get a cup of coffee, get out the notebook, turn on the computer, write. That way, I can revisit my work throughout the day if I have the time or inspiration, but the main work will already be done. I’m going to start at 30 minutes a day and see how that feels.

Between now and June 23rd (my last day of school), I’m going to get some things ready. I need to clear out a space in the study. I need to dig out my old writing notebook from last summer and see what’s there. I need to start building up my writing stamina.

So be sure to check this space to see how I’m doing. I’m excited to begin this journey and to see where it takes me! I’ll update my progress at least once a week. I’ll also check in periodically with interesting books and other things.

I want to thank Kate Messner and her community of committed writers for giving me the jolt I needed to get this started. I’ll be visiting her blog daily for inspiration and ideas. Thank you! Hopefully I’ll have the courage to “open the door” to my writing before too long.


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One thought on “Making Time to Write

  1. Welcome to the writing society! The desire is deeply rooted into you, you just have to encourage your fingers to move in the direction you want it to not where it should.
    I do write everyday, English is not our primary language yet I have managed to grace the web. I maintain two blog sites and I am working on my YA Fantasy/ Romance 1st book of a trilogy. It requires effort but above all determinism.
    Yes you can! If you are not paid to write, it’s hard to meet your self-imposed deadline but you love writing so why procrastinate if you can do it now? God bless all your writing endeavors.. I’ll be waiting for your meaty posts.

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